IES University Prep


Canadian International Education Organization (CIEO) and it’s subsidiaries, IES and All As, have a number of positions open and we invite interested candidates to fill these roles. For a complete description of a position, click on the link to open the job description for each advertised role.

We are currently looking for qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

NEW: Summer School Tutors. All As will offer a 2021 online summer tutoring program for Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology for IB and AP courses. All interested candidates should send their CV to  [email protected].

All As Curriculum Coordinator – Interested candidates should send their information to [email protected]

International ESL Teacher – this is for schools in Mainland China

Online Tutors – All As continues to seek Online Tutors for English, Science and Mathematics.

Biology, Chemistry & Physics positions – We are currently seeking candidates to fill Science tutoring role for IB, A-level or AP courses (Grade 10 -12) for after school or weekend tutoring.  Interested candidates should send their application to [email protected].

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