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IES University Prep works closely with schools, supporting you in areas such as counsellor training, webinars and presentations for students who are considering overseas study. We also provide Preparation and Application packages tailored to schools’ particular requirements.

International schools face a unique challenge in providing guidance and practical help for their students who are looking for university options across a wide range of countries and academic disciplines. The top ranked universities in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and elsewhere in Europe and Asia have far more applicants than places and so academic results are just a part of the application process.

Detailed knowledge of the strategies necessary for a successful application to, for example, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, LSE, UCL or medical schools in the UK; or the Ivy League colleges, Stanford, Caltech and MIT in the US requires considerable investment in time and personnel for schools.

IES University Prep  provides the expertise that international schools can use to support their counsellors, advisors and students. We offer a free consulting service for school counsellors, and support packages for counsellors and student starting at US$4000.

As part of our support package we will create a unique and secure School Portal for your school, where you will find application materials and templates, specially written guides, links for your students’ applications etc.

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