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Bespoke help from Grade 10/Year 11 or if preferred, earlier or later. Unlimited video consultations covering all aspects of preparation, the application, interviews.

Full bespoke help and advice on:

• Choosing colleges/universities
• Essential preparation for the application including strengthening your personal profile,
• Advising on academic or entrance tests,
• Creating personal and academic profile,
• Preparation of transcripts and recommendation letters,
• Unlimited help and drafts of essays/Personal Statement,
• Documentation and application check
• Practice Interviews and full feedback and recommendations

The fee will be in the range US$18000-26000 and will depend on the amount of support needed. We will provide a detailed timeline and fee after the initial consultation.

1:1 Video Consultation or advice is also available if you wish to discuss your application but do not require the services outlined in the courses. US$325 for up to an hour’s online video consultation.

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