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Our courses

IES University Prep offers a range of courses, from individual modules aimed at specific countries and aspects of the application, packages focusing on elite universities or subject areas such as Medicine, and a bespoke 1:1 concierge service involving unlimited face-to-face video sessions with our counsellors.

All of our courses give you access to your secure student portal where you will find your personalised application materials, templates, links etc.

Course summary

All of the IES University Prep courses include:

• Initial free consultation to find out more about the student’s academic and personal background and university goals, so that we can provide the best possible advice.
• Regular face-to-face video consultations to monitor progress and provide expert advice and feedback.
• Extensive written reference materials
• Templates for written materials or preparation
• Ongoing editing and advice for any written materials such as Personal Statements and essays
• Specially created video presentations to provide essential information on preparation, applications and interviews.

Fees for our 1:1 university application courses and support

Each student’s needs are different and we create bespoke programmes of support for each individual student, which will depend on the student’s current education level, target universities, preparation and timescale. After the initial FREE Consultation (which will help us to understand the student’s study plans, what help is required and the time period they have available), we will provide a free written set of recommendations and a timeline and, if appropriate, a proposal on how IES can provide help and the cost of the programme.

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