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The Fuse Cup is an international esport competition for schools across the APAC region. We focus on providing young students with an opportunity to participate in a safe, supportive and structured esport competition while developing positive gaming behaviours and digital wellbeing. We specialise in supporting all schools, regardless of experience and knowledge, to implement esports successfully. Our chosen games do not include any violent content and our competitions are developed and delivered by skilled educators.

In addition to our esports competitions, The FUSE Cup also offers the following products/services

• Esports in Education Curriculum

• Esport Jerseys and Merchandise

• Esports High Performance/Excellence Consulting


“The FUSE Cup was a brilliant way for our kids to learn about online etiquette and digital well-being. Our kids enjoyed every second of the FUSE Cup and realised that winning isn’t everything, but it’s the process and the enjoyment of the journey that counts.  ​It was definitely a unique experience for some of our students to play against kids from other countries. Well done on a super successful Esports competition. Thanks for having us take part”

Rosseau Prinsloo, Physical Education Teacher – Canadian International School of Guangzhou, China

“The FUSE Cup has opened doors to esports at WAB that is in alignment with our mission, core values and IB programmes. Students are excited to take part, and we appreciate the opportunity to engage them in friendly competition and healthy online behaviours that help model positive approaches to learning in collaboration, communication, digital citizenship and balance“

Martin Halpin, Activities Director; Isaac Peña, esports coach; Stephen Taylor, Director of Innovation in Learning & Teaching; Kevin Crouch, Head of EdTech & IT  –Western Academy Beijing (WAB)

“There is no better way to engage students in conversations about digital wellbeing and positive gaming behaviour than getting their hands on a Nintendo Switch! Our Primary students had so much fun participating, and displayed immense patience, resilience, teamwork and sportsmanship throughout training and the competitions. Register your school now!”

Celestine Yeung, Digital Literacies Specialist Teacher – Australian International School of Hong Kong

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