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LSC Education supports schools and education organisations world-wide, to recruit exceptional leaders. The process of finding, attracting and appointing world-class leaders is time-consuming and can be challenging. Yet, securing the right leader for a school or organisation can be transformational. Our experience and track record demonstrate that LSC Education can help to attract, assess and secure the right leader for each position.

Our award-winning consultants bring valuable expertise and experience to the recruitment process, and can demonstrate an impressive track record which is underpinned by our passion for education. Our consultants have appointed leaders to a wide range of education posts, for a broad spectrum of schools and education organisations globally. We recognise that every setting is unique and aim to successfully appoint leaders who can add significant value to every organisation.

We are highly networked in the international education sector and we make it our business to know who is interested in new opportunities and where new opportunities are arising.
Our focus is not purely on supporting our clients with their recruitment process; we are similarly dedicated to supporting our candidates throughout their leadership careers, through our leadership coaching services.


LSC Education is a consultancy run by people who not only have a thorough understanding of the Education sector, through their own personal experience in school governance and leadership, but who are also recognised nationally as award-winning recruiters and have an international reputation as search specialists.

Having ‘lived and breathed’ school life, we understand the complexities and intricacies of school communities. We have also worked for, and with, a range of corporate organisations and understand different cultures and work environments. We recognise that changes in leadership can be both an exciting and unsettling time for stakeholders. Through our experience, we know how to work alongside school communities; we appreciate the constraints, the time pressures and sensitivities that exist.

Perhaps most importantly, we have a very real sense of how crucial it is to make the right appointment and therefore we spend time listening to the needs of the stakeholders and advising where required. We put no restraints on the time or energy needed for the search process – it continues until the right person is found.

At LSC Education we take great pride in our work, forever mindful of the huge impact appointing the right leader will have on each pupil in their care, every staff member they lead and community they serve. To this end we work with three key values at the heart of our business and our practice: INTREGITY, EXCELLENCE and CARE. These are also values we look for in our leaders across the globe.

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