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Clearpath EPM


Clearpath EPM assists educational institutions to achieve operational resiliency through our:

In-Country Comprehensive Safety Survey, Audit and Assessments
Crisis Management Team Training & Coaching
Virtual Consultative Services
Prepare My School On-Line Courses

TOTALITY Cloud-Hosted EPM Dashboard

Create, implement and maintain your school’s Emergency Operation Plan. Integrated with the TOTALITY mobile app, the EPM dashboard helps your emergency response team maintain your safety, preparedness and emergency plans. It comes complete with best practices, pre-populated scenarios and responses that give you a comprehensive custom emergency plan that’s easy to maintain year after year.

TOTALITY enables your school to:

✓ Concentrate on specific threats and hazards
✓ Create Quick Action Guides (printed and via mobile devices)
✓ Build your Campus Response Team
✓ Track emergency equipment and contacts
✓ Maintain situational awareness via the mobile app
✓ And much more…

Annual Fee: U.S. $ 975.00 per school

The Prepare My School on-line course is to ensure that schools and personnel can operate with a high level of preparedness and mitigation strategies. The course is accessible worldwide via a subscription process and is designed for school Campus Response Team (CRT) members as well as school personnel who will oversee and aspect of the EPM program. The course is self-paced, with ten to fifteen hours of curriculum, tests, activities, videos and assignments housed within 14 modules. A Certificate of Completion is issued at the conclusion of the course. (Available in the Fall 2020)

Fee: U.S. $ 175.00 per person

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