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Join the education evolution and nurture your students’ well-being together with Clanbeat 

Co-created with leading European educational psychologists, school leaders, experts and their learning communities, our app lets you get to the heart of your students’ needs quicker.

Easily analyse, engage and proactively support your students’ well-being with clear, real-time insights.

Created for students and teachers by students and teachers

Our app’s original framework, rooted in contemporary learning science, is carefully designed to guide your students on their journey to build positive, lifelong learning habits while encouraging curiosity and connectivity. 

Class insights, which are securely collected and stored, effortlessly equip educators with the ability to support individual students’ well-being and growth more effectively.

Favourite features

  • Nudges designed to prompt individual reflection around core well-being needs
  • Space for reflection and interaction to enhance students’ social and emotional skills 
  • Class newsfeed where students can chat together, share, answer questions and foster a stronger sense of belonging 
  • Help students find study buddies and share personal interests with their class clan
  • Unique dashboard, insights and class overviews for teachers 

Our mission 

Together with passionate school leaders, teachers, parents, students and tech-enthusiasts, Clanbeat is helping drive the well-being evolution in education. Our team’s mission is to build human-centric technology which enriches learning communities across the globe. 

Our easy to use app is crafted to be a space in which both well-being and academic success can flourish, and quality learning together with student autonomy can thrive. Together we learn and grow with our community, ensuring Clanbeat delivers the maximum value for all our teachers and students. 

Be a part of the education evolution today! Join our clan of innovative educators already using Clanbeat.

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