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AtmosAir Solutions is the leading manufacturer of air purification systems using bipolar ionization. AtmosAir’s patented bipolar ionization technology has been rigorously tested and scientifically proven to be among the most effective solutions for comprehensive air purification of indoor environments.

Why bipolar ionization for Schools?

Combat the Coronavirus with a technology that’s proven to deactivate the Coronavirus in the air and on surfaces 30 minutes at a 99.92% rate.

Reduced absenteeism rates for students as they are not exposed to viruses and bacteria in their indoor air.

More productive environment for learning & teaching, especially people suffering from allergies or asthma.

Help improve staff retention by creating a healthy, eco-friendly indoor environment.

Reduce operating costs and carbon footprint, and create more sustainable facilities

Unlike most air purification systems, AtmosAir doesn’t wait for pollutants to find their way into a filter via the return of the HVAC system or another air cleaning device. Instead, charged ions actively seek out and neutralize contaminants at their source throughout your indoor environment, mimicking the way nature cleanses the air outdoors.

The Result – AtmosAir actively deactivates the Coronavirus, removes inhalable particles and pathogens – including dust, allergens, molds, VOCs, odors, airborne and surface bacteria, viruses and germs – to create healthy indoor environments where people thrive, while doing it efficiently and cost effectively.

Since the virus is spread via direct and indirect contact, the continuous application of bipolar ions emitted to ambient air by the AtmosAir System continuously decontaminates both the breathing space and surfaces.

AtmosAir has 7,500 installations worldwide, in numerous school and higher education facilities. AtmosAir systems have been tested and independently verified by multiple labs and institutions.

AtmosAir is easily installed and placed AFTER the coils and filters.  AtmosAir is a proactive means to prevent person to person transmission of microorganisms.  AtmosAir Ions are pushed into the air.  There they interact with microorganisms conducting several functions including:

Breaking apart the membrane rendering them inactive and surrounding the microorganism, rendering it unable to interact with human cells

Causing microorganisms and the particles carrying them to agglomerate and fall out of the air.  Causing fewer microorganisms to collect on fomite surfaces (surfaces that are frequent sources of transmission)

Causing microorganisms and the particles that they collect on to be captured more easily when they pass by building filters


“Atmos Air purification systems were installed in every classroom at the Canadian International School of Guangzhou before it opened over two years ago. We have received great service and even had them present the benefits of these air purifiers to our parents. We get weekly emailed results of how each classroom is doing compared to the “outside”. They help us make sure our sensors and units are always working. We market it as our classrooms having “Canadian Fresh Air”, which helped to calm many parental concerns even before COVID. Now in these  pandemic times, our entire school community rests easier knowing our learning spaces are safe and healthy. We are all more aware of our learning environments now and having Atmos Air helps us all stay healthy in these uncertain times. They have forwarded to us independent scientific studies showing how the system purifies the air of a whole host of bacterial agents and viruses including COVID-19. I highly recommend Atmos Air and the security it provides.”
Gary Rehman – School Principal – Canadian International School- GZ

Case Studies

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