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Based in Hong Kong and with over 15 years of experience with project-based learning, through workshops, coaching, online courses, and mastermind group mentoring, Transform Educational Consulting Limited simplifies the design and delivery of transformative project-based learning experiences to help schools develop more socially, emotionally, globally aware learners.

Founder/ Lead Consultant

Kyle Wagner

Kyle Wagner is the founder and lead consultant for Transform Educational Consulting Limited, an organization that empowers forward thinking schools and educators to create more globally, socially and emotionally aware citizens through project-based learning. He has now helped over 1,000 educators from schools around the world develop transformative learning experiences for their students. His clients range from prominent international schools including Yew Wah, Yew Chung, American International School, International Montessori School, International School of Beijing and Beijing City International School, to local NGOs, foundations and Vocational Training Programs. Kyle is also the former Coordinator of Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing, a program that uses interdisciplinary project- based learning to connect students to their passions and the world outside of school. A published author, his book, “The power of SIMPLE” documents this experience and helps provide simple, research- based strategies for the design and delivery of transformative learning experiences. Kyle is also a former educator at High Tech High, the school featured on the hit documentary “Most Likely to Succeed.” He holds a M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership with a thesis that focuses on developing democratic classrooms and distributed leadership models. When not writing or teaching, he is performing with his original band, participating in karaoke contests and traveling the world with his partner. He currently resides in Hong Kong where he spends time developing schools of the future while helping other school leaders build theirs.

Our Courses

Kyle was very organized and thoughtful in his delivery, had a very strong knowledge in the area, and was very supportive for those who are new to project-based learning, or already had a very good knowledge of the approach. Kyle had excellent follow up, checked in with us and answered all our questions. And now our teachers have the confidence to try this approach in their classrooms, and this is having a great impact on learning here at BCIS.

Megan Eddington
IDEATE/Secondary School Coordinator
Beijing City International School

Kyle worked closely with 24 members of our staff through a pbl immersive program. As a result of his work, our students have examined the intersection between space and music, our outdoor leadership coordinator re-designed our service trips to include project based learning activities rooted to reach the SDG goals. Even educators that didn’t take the program have gotten wind and are looking to integrate more projects in their units. Working with Kyle was a dream come true. He comes with that kind of energy that re-ignites dormant passions. That paired with his deep understanding of PBL theoretically and practically through his many years of experience, and the plethora of schools he’s partnered with; provide foundation and motivation for our teachers to thrive in developing pbl units. His program is perfect for schools that are re-envisioning education for the future where learning isn’t dictated from the top down, but from student inquiry; and where departments don’t work in silos, but work collaboratively.

Jose Rivera
Learning Accelerator
American International School of Hong Kong


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