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Since 2008, EdTechTeacher has worked with schools across the world to help them leverage technology to create active and learning environments. Over the years, EdTechTeacher has diversified its offerings and expanded its team, but our mission remains the same: to create relationships with educators to support their quest to enrich student learning experiences through emerging technologies and innovative models of classroom instruction.

Every year EdTechTeacher has over 10,000 contact-hours with teachers and school leaders from schools across the world through its conferences, workshops, webinars, and extended blended professional development programs. EdTechTeacher is a certified Google for Education Professional Development Provider as well as a recognized PD provider for Microsoft. EdTechTeacher provides training with a range of schools with diverse populations, different levels of experience in technology integration, and varying levels of organizational support for improving teaching and learning with technology.  The audience includes large public school systems, Independent Schools, Parochial Schools, the Archdiocese of many cities and many International Schools. 

The theme that unites all of EdTechTeacher’s professional learning work is the goal of moving schools towards sustainability, where educators develop their own internal capacity to take on the ongoing work of improving teaching and learning with technology. Our team of trainers have all been in primary or secondary schools and together possess a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. As a result, EdTechTeacher is a recognized leader in several innovative learning strategies, including Remote Learning, Blended Learning, Personalized Learning, Problem Based Learning, Design Thinking, ARVR in Learning, Formative Assessment, and more.


Gail Ross-McBride

Gail Ross-McBride has been a leader and administrator in the field of educator professional development and educational technology training for over 25 years. She has worked collaboratively with teachers, curriculum designers, school administrators, school committee members, and higher education officials to help bring about a common vision of what is necessary to improve student learning in the 21st century. At EdTechTeacher, Gail is responsible for the administration of EdTechTeacher services, including workshops, presentations, webinars, and our T21 program.

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“The International School of Myanmar began the year online.  Finding effective remote teaching strategies was a professional development need that our teaching staff desired and requested to assist them with delivering effective learning to our students online.  Tom Driscoll tailored his professional development program to fit the needs of our school, utilized in-house expertise from our staff, and built upon our current program and resources to provide us with practical, efficient, and effective approaches in delivering Project-Based Learning remotely.  His training is proving to be not only useful and needed while conducting online learning but will continue to further our program as we move to hybrid and face to face to learning.”

Ben Marsh
International School of Myanmar 


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